MakeUp Tips for Winter - Neighbur Article/December 2023


With the holidays quickly approaching, end of year celebrations, work events and holiday parties are coming. We often get together at this time of year with people that we may not see often, and of course we'd like to look our best! What better way to rekindle than to get glammed up, looking, and feeling beautiful both inside and out.

With the weather getting colder and crispier, our fall colours are slowly transitioning into our winter shades. You can never go wrong with a beautiful & sleek timeless black dress, paired with a stunning "up-do" and gorgeous makeup that compliments all of your natural facial features.

Keep in mind that colder temperatures require a little more care for your skin. Remember to moisturize and prime your face before putting on your makeup. A really good natural and clean ingredient moisturizer is so important followed by our "SYLK SKN Primer" that creates a beautiful silky canvas for your face prior to makeup application. It will keep your makeup in place especially in these cold winter months where your skin can get very dry.

For winter makeup we at PHNX recommend bold, deep, colours as they tend to draw attention to your lips when you are speaking to someone. Remember attention is in the details and we always want to make a lasting impression.

Choosing clean cosmetics over conventional cosmetics that are typically filled with harsh chemicals is important for us to begin making a change in our consumer ways. You have the power to choose clean beauty.

This holiday season, show support for businesses in your neighbourhood. Many people are beginning their Holiday shopping now. Keeping our purchases local helps our communities thrive and keeps them strong. Remember that when you purchase something, you cast a vote for the kind of society you want to live in.

Happy Holidays + Happy Shopping!

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