1:1 Makeup lessons

Personalized For You.

Welcome to our exclusive 1:1 Makeup Lesson, your personal journey into the world of beauty + self-expression!

Have you ever wanted to master that perfect winged eyeliner or create a flawless base/contour? Look no further! Our tailored, hands-on session is designed for makeup enthusiasts of all levels. Even beginners!

Led by our experienced makeup artists, this intimate lesson is all about you. We focus on your unique features, your style, + your makeup goals. Whether you're a beginner looking to nail the basics or an aficionado seeking advanced techniques, we've got you covered.

During this personalized session, we delve into the fundamentals, from skincare prep to makeup application. We share insider tips, tricks, and industry secrets, empowering you with the skills to create stunning looks effortlessly.

Throughout our lessons, from contouring to eyeshadow blending, we break it down step-by-step, ensuring you leave feeling confident + inspired. You'll learn the art of enhancing your natural beauty while expressing your individuality through makeup.

Book your 1:1 Makeup Lesson with us and embark on a fun, informative journey toward makeup mastery. Let's unlock your potential and unleash your creativity together!


Discover personalized makeup mastery! Our 1:1 lessons unlock beauty secrets + tips tailored for your skin. Book now for a journey into your personalized learning experience.


  • Soft Glam/Event Makeup: $175.00 + HST.
  • Prom Makeup: $175.00 + HST.
  • Bridal: $250.00 + HST.
  • Bridal Trial: $175.00 + HST.

  • 1:1 Makeup Lesson Rate: $200.00 + HST Per Hour.
  • Group Makeup Lesson Rate: $175.00 + HST Per Hour [Per Person].
  • Lashes Are Additional [$25.00 + HST].

LOCATION: PHNX Cosmetics // 3088 Bloor St W. Toronto ON M8X 1C8

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